Understanding Housing Statistics

Buyers and Sellers of real estate know a simple truth: all real estate is investment real estate. And since every decision to buy real estate is a significant investment, saavy buyers and sellers want to know as much as they can about a local housing market.

That's why HomeSalesStats.com is so useful. It doesn't just tell you what sold, it lets you play with the numbers so you can see for yourself what's happening in a local housing market. HomeSalesStats.com lets you see things like:

The Details on Foreclosures and Short Sales

Distressed sales" have a huge impact on the housing market, and their presence can greatly influence the recovery of home prices. With HomeSalesStats.com, you can parse home sales data by foreclosures and short sales so you can see what portion of the housing market is distressed and what impact these distressed sales might be having on the market

Home Features

A home with a pool is worth more than a home without a pool. But how much more? HomeSalesStats.com lets you see exactly how much a pool is worth. But not just a pool. We let you see how all types of home features impact its value – from bedroom and bathroom numbers; to water access; to garage; to type of construction. All these features influence the value of a property. We think you need to know how much.

Date of Sale

How does the value of real estate change over time? We let you see in vivid detail.

Date of Construction, Type of Financing Used, And More!

Every one of these factors has an influence on home values; we want you to be able to see how much.


Spend some time at HomeSalesStats.com digging into the factors that affect home values or call a real estate consultant for data analysis and interpretation. See the home stats, be the expert. And remember – "all real estate is investment real estate."