Understanding Housing Market Trends

Did you know that numbers can speak to a person? That's right? Numbers talk, and they can tell you a lot about the real estate market.A trained eye can look at numbers and extract trends. On a high level he can see that sales are increasing; that prices are falling or that times on the market are remaining steady.

But if he looks even more closely, he can tell if buyers are preferring 4 bedroom homes over 3 bedroom homes with greater frequency; he can see if buyers are showing a preference for smaller homes; he can tell if swiming pools are in or out of favor; he can tell which areas are becoming more popular and which areas are slipping. He can tell you how foreclosures and short sales (distressed sales) compare with conventional sales.

HomeSalesStats.com helps you be that trained eye. Our easy-to-use reports help you to identify housing market trends for yourself so you can "see the stats, be the expert" and make better real estate purchase decisions.

So spend some time with the data in HomeSalesStats.com and you'll soon see the housing market trends emerging. Better yet, call a real estate consultant for data analysis and intrepretation.