Understanding Housing Forecasts

You can't see the future. But you can predict it. Real Estate consultants are asked frequently what the forecast is for the housing market. And although you can't know for sure, with HomeSalesStats.com, you're now better equipped than ever to forecast where the housing market might trend over time..

Take any of the reports that you generate from HomeSalesStats.com and use them to forecast and predict the health of the housing market sometime in the future.


Are we nearing the bottom of the housing market decline? Will homes prices recovery any time soon? When home prices do recover, will that recovery be fast (v-shaped recovery), slow (u-shaped recovery) or mixed (saw-blade recovery)? Will some markets recover faster than others? Will home prices and sales volumes ever get back to where they were at the height of the housing market?


Or better yet, call Our real estate consultant for his educated interpretations and analysis of the data.