Understanding Home Sales Volume

Home sales can be up or down, but the number of home sales doesn't say much about a real estate market. It's when the number of home sales is combined with data on home prices and home values that a more complete picture of housing market health begins to emerge.

The volume of home sales in any given period can tell you several important things. It can telll you how much interest there is in a local housing market; it can tell you whether activity is up or down over a certain period of time; it can tell you the mood of the market – if people are more or less interested in buying homes; and it can tell you how the market is trending – whether equal to, above, or below where it once was.

Using our online real estate trends tool, you can research homes sales numbers, comparing and combining these numbers with price statistics to determine the health and viability of a housing market.

Spend some time in HomeSalesStats.com looking at home sales, and then call a Real Estate Consultant for data analysis and interpretation.